VW ID Buzz – New futuristic electric T2 Camper previewed in latest video

Volkswagen has released a new video showing the upcoming electric ID Buzz microbus. The ID Buzz is an electric microbus concept car which is based on the iconic T2 Camper van. VW’s camper van was a vehicle that gained legacy for its versatility and customers creatively adapted these cars to suit their adventurous lifestyles. The German car manufacturer will be aiming to recapture that with the Buzz which captures the essence of the old car but with more futuristic styling. New electric car charging stations to deliver 300 miles range in fi…

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It was first debuted to the world at the Detroit Motor Show in 2017 and it is expected to launch within the next three years.

Two options of the car are expected to go on sale which is a 200-mile and 270-mile option.

The lower end car is expected to be powered by an 83kWh battery pack and a rear-mounted electric motor producing 268bhp.

It is expected to produce a range of around 200-miles on a single charge. The longer range variant will be powered by a 111kWh battery pack and an all-wheel-drive system which produces 369 bhp.

This version of the car is expected to produce 270-miles of range on the US driving cycle.

In the video, it shows a family going on a trip in the futuristic van which is stylish and final on the inside and even features a rectangle steering wheel.

The variant in the video has four seats but the vehicle is expected to have a modular rear living area.


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