New ‘Days/eK’ Light Car Comes With HEV System Using BSG

The new "Days Highway Star" (source: Nikkei Automotive) The "eK X" (source: Nikkei Automotive) The "Days/eK," a wagon-type new light car that Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Mitsubishi Motors Corp announced March 28, 2019, is the first light car equipped with Nissan’s "S-Hybrid" simple hybrid system.

The S-Hybrid helps drive an engine with a BSG (belt-driven starter generator). The "Days Highway Star" and "eK X," high-grade models of the Days/eK, come with the simple hybrid system. This time, the system used for Nissan’s "Serena" mid-size minivan was redesigned for light cars.

The fuel efficiency of the new vehicle equipped with the simple hybrid system is 29.8km/L (approx 70.1mpg in the US) under the JC08 test mode, which is about 2% higher than that of the previous model (gasoline vehicle).

However, the fuel efficiency of the gasoline model, which does not use the system, is also high (29.4km/L). So, the simple hybrid system improved fuel efficiency only by 0.4km/L. The improvement of the engine also contributed to improving fuel efficiency.

The Serena’s simple hybrid system helps drive the engine with a motor whose maximum output and maximum torque are 1.9kW and 50N·m, respectively. For regenerating deceleration energy and driving the vehicle, a lead-acid battery is used. However, the motor and battery for the Serena have large sizes and cannot be easily applied to light cars as they are.

Therefore, for the new vehicle, a small-size motor was employed, and a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is used for regenerating energy and driving the vehicle. The maximum output and maximum torque of the new vehicle’s small motor are 2.0kW and 40N·m, respectively. The output is equivalent to that of the Serena’s motor despite its smaller size. The capacity of the Li-ion battery is large while its size is smaller than that of the Serena’s lead-acid battery.

As a result, compared with the Serena, the simple hybrid system of the new vehicle can regenerate 100% more energy and can help drive the engine for 900% longer. Also, it can maintain "idling stop" for 10% longer.


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