Meet the 19 companies that pitched a the Wavemaker annual portfolio showcase

With over 100 companies in its portfolio and over US$70 million assets under management, one would imagine Wavemaker Partners to be a large firm with dozens of employees running across Southeast Asia.

In reality, the company stays lean, having only 18 people. Pretty impressive for a firm that has seen exits from Pie, Luxola, Caarly and Gushcloud.

Wavemaker is heavily focussed on B2B companies — with 80 per cent of its investments coming in that space. 28 per cent of the portfolio is in deep tech or AI.

Finally, the Founders they back tend to lean on the older side of entrepreneurship. 88 per cent of their companies have Founders over the age of 30 and 39 per cent are over 40.

Yesterday, Wavemaker hosted an event whereby 19 companies pitched in front of an audience of around 300 people.

Before we meet the companies, here is a list of the startups that announced they are currently raising funds (and their ask). Omnistreet: Raising a Series A

Sprout solutions: Raising a Series A

RateIt: Raising a Series A GizTix: Raising a US$10 million Series B Neebo: Raising a US$2.3 million Series A Savonix: Raising US$2.5 million to close a US$10 million Series A Kiddo: Closing a US$15 million Series A Yulu: Raising US$15 million in equity and US$7 million in debt Securezapp: Just closed a seed round Let’s meet the companies! converts social media posts into shoppable links that allow people to shop directly without being redirected to a website. It leverages hashtags and chatbots to facilitate transactions within the given platform.With this technology, Jumper can also allow for automated customer service.The team estimates they are working in a US$400 billion social commerce market and partners include Unilever, Toyota, Disney, Johnson and Johnson and Killiney. Nugit Creating data storytellers is the […]


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